Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas is on it's way.

Well here it is Saturday morning and I am trying to get really started for the day.
It is already 2:31 and I have been up since 9 this morning.

The only thing is I have just cleaned up for the day. It has really made me fill better but I am getting bored. I want to go Christmas shopping and I know that I cannot really do that at this time.

Now Kristi has taken me out a few times but I tire easy and really cannot constrate on what I am doing. Maybe one day next week I will fill like doing something.

Kristi fixed me turkey, dressing, swwet potato casserol and olives. That was at 12 and it was wonderful. I am still full. :} :}

Harrison is out playing with one his friends from the neighbor hood. I just saw him running in their drive way and he looked so happy. A big smile on his face.
Kristi has added me a photobucket to my computer and I am trying to learn how to use it. Sooooooooooo, bear with me as I am learning to use this new feature.
Hope all of you will have a great day and I will visit with you some more tomorrow if I am not to tired.
Love to all,



Lisa said...

Dear Janice
I am glad you are improving and that you had such a nice Thanksgiving with those you love. I love your holiday blog.I hope to see you soon.
Love you Lisa


Dear Janice, so glad that you are getting better and better. I saw you coloring over at Kristi's blog and that looked like something that I might do.

I guess you enjoyed your night out with your husband? I am sure that you did and he did with you. I feel so bad that you all have to be seperated during this time. Maybe not much longer. I am praying that by Christmas you will be feeling much much better. connie

Nanny said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for all your wonderful prayers.
God Is So Good All The Time.
I am now at home with my beloved. It is wonderful being home.
I am trying to be no trouble but I think it is more than what Larry thought it would be.
I love you and your family.
Keep praying for us.
Love you,

Nanny said...

Dear Connie,
It was really good hearing from you today.
One question, how did you see me coloring at Kristi's. She must have blogged it and I have not seen it yet.
I did enjoy my night out with Larry. We went out to eat at a place called Mountainview Rest. in our home town. They have country cooking and it was great. After that we drove to McAdenville and looked at the Christmas lights and it was beautiful. After that we stopped at Krispy Kreme and picked up 2 dozen of doughnuts and took them back to Kristi's. Of course they loved them.
I am now at home with Larry, I came home Tuesday afternoon. It was really hard leaving Kristi and the children. They took such good care of me while I was there.
I was afraid in some ways to leave before I went back to the Doctor but I was missing Larry and our home so much. It has been good being back home. Mixed emotions. I have been crying over the most dumb things. I guess that is to be expected.
Anyway, the Lord is so good to me. He has really brought me through a lot and I thank Him for that.
Please continue to pray for me.
Love you,