Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas At The Morrow Home

What a night we had at the Morrow home. It was great being together. The first thing we did was greet one another when we each arrived with big hugs and kisses.

Then we watched Kristi and a few other's sneaking into the wings that their dad had made. Boy were they good.

Then we prayed and dug in. The food was so good.

We had meatballs, chicken wings, spinach dip, taco dip, taco pie, chips, cheese ball, cheese, crackers those huge bread rolls for the meatballs if you wanted it like that, devil eggs & cheese sticks.

Then we had this table of pure home made fat. This was not all the sweets either. We had not finished putting things out yet. We still had home made peanut butter candy, home made fudge, and of course it would not be Christmas without the Christmas Punch.
These are just 2 of the sneakers that could not wait and they got caught.

After we finished we listened to Kristi sing while Bruce played for her.

The Greatest Christmas Tree. The words are so beautiful.

We would normally have a drawing for cash but this year we did it different and I really enjoyed doing what Kristi choose to do. She would ask a Bible question pertaining to Christmas and the one who answered it first by raising their hand got to open a gift. "Of course some of us yelled out the answer and did not raise their hand". Wright Maw Maw Birt? That was great Kristi and thank you for doing that. I have forgotten who the first person was that opened their gift but I am going to add some shots that Larry took at random. Enjoy.

Kristi, thank you so much for opening up your home this year for all of us.

You were a wonderful daughter for going the extra mile.

Take care and have a great week end.

Love you, Mom

This is Daniel, Amber's friend.

Kristi and Jenny.
Amber with her gift card to Old Navy. From maw maw and paw paw Birt

Jessica opening up her gift card to Old Navy from maw maw & paw paw Birt,
John opening up his Pressure Cooker that he ask for from maw maw and paw paw Birt.Some of the gang.
Hannah just waiting. Is she not the sweetest little lady??? "DUH"!!!Our sweet little Harrison.
Some on the gang. John, Justin, Hannah, Bruce & Kristi. Part of me. The part that should not be showing.
Is she not cute.
This is our Kristi with her Christmas outfit on. Beautiful socks and of course her Elf hat on. Of course she had ear rings in her elf ears also.
This is Justin just being Justin!!!!!

This is my beautiful Jenny opening up one of her Christmas presents from Mom and Pop. It was a set of Flannel sheets for their bed. She just had her Gall Bladder removed on Monday and was able to be there Wednesday night. "Not without pain to say the least".
And what would we do without our singing Christmas Cow.
What would a Christmas party be like without the party clown modeling his new shorts that John and Jenny got him for Christmas. Way to go Bruce!!!!!!!

These are just a few of Kristi's Nativities that she has displayed all through her home.
Kristi opening up the recipe book that she was trying to steal from me last Friday when she came to clean. I had to hide it from her. She got it Wednesday night.
I will share more pictures with you later. I am soooooo tired.
Love you,


Susan said...

I can tell you had a wonderful Christmas making wonderful memories with family.I love the pictures.I enjoyed looking at each of them.Thank you for sharing.The food looks great and sounds so good.Thank you for being a blessing each time that I read your post.May God Bless you and your family.

Lisa said...

Dear Janice
It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. The food looks very good. I hope your New year is a Blessed one.
Love. Lisa


dear mrs. janice, i am so glad you had a great Christmas with your family.. everything looked so great and special... you and pop remind me so much of my mother and daddy... i hope you have a wonderful new year filled with extra speecial blessings, great health, and lots of love and happiness.. may the LORD bless you and your family..always remember i love you!!