Saturday, January 3, 2009

This Is For You

My sisiter Joyce got me a beautiful 2009 calander for Christmas.

For each month it has a wonderful saying for a sister and friends.

I would like to share the saying for the month of January.

"There are a few absolute gems in this world. They are the people who make a tremendous difference in other people's lives...with the smiles they give, the blessings they share, and the way they warm the hearts of everyone around them.

Those rare and remarkable people are so deserving of every hope and happiness. They are the people who are incredibly unique, enormously thanked, and endlessly appreciated for everything they do.

And one of those wonderful, deserving, and one -of- a- kind people is most

Written by, Douglas Pagels

This is the way I feel about so many of you.

Thank you for being my friend and some times my sounding ear.

I love you in the Lord and thank you for all your prayers.


Kristi said...

Love you too, mommy!


Lisa said...

Dear Janice
I needed to read this today. You are a Blessing to me and I cherish your friendship and prayers. I hope your day is going good.Thank you for a lovely,heart warming post.
Love you. Lisa

Susan said...

What a sweet post.I hope you are feeling much better.Thank you for being a blessing.Have a great week and God Bless.