Tuesday, December 16, 2008

God Is So Good

Good is so good all the time.

My Physical Therapists arrived this morning at 8:30 and released me from their care.

After she left Larry and I headed out to the DMV because my license had expired on Oct. 14, 2008.

Since I had not been driving for about 2 months it had not crossed my mind that I needed to go and have them renewed.

When we got there I took my test and passed it then the officer said since they have expired I will need you to do a drivers test. I explained to him that the blinkers were not working and he said do you want to do the hand signals. I said yes so off we go.

When I got back he said please come on in and go to my desk.

He smiled and said that will be 20.00 and I wrote out a check and smiled. They took my picture and now I am legal again.

Then we went to Sam's and picked up some chicken wings for Larry to do for the Christmas party next Wednesday night.

While I was trying to get into Sam's there was a woman watching me and Larry. Unknown to me she was watching us walk into the store and prayed about something that God had laid on her heart to do.

When we came out of the store she was getting into her own car and as she was leaving she came up to me and said do you have a scooter at home. I told her no and she gave me her mother's scooter that was purchased at the scooter store 18 months ago and was only used 2 times. Her mother passed away in Feb. on 2008. She is bringing it to us tomorrow from her home in McAdenville.

We had been trying to get one for some time now and God has provided one for us.

God is so Good.

I have a regular Doctor's appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30. Please pray for me.

Love to all of you,


Susan said...

Glad everything is going well.Have a wonderful week.God Bless.

Lisa said...

I am so glad that things are working out for you dear Janice. I know you are glad to get back to a normal routine. That was such a Blessing for the lady to give you the scooter. Yes mt dear. God is so good and he supplies all our needs if we are faithful.
Love you bunches.