Monday, December 15, 2008

Secret Pal Christmas Party


Last Thursday we had our Secret Pal christmas party and it was just great.

It is the largest group we have had so far. At least as long as I have been coming.

Mrs. Janet did a wonderful job as always and the food was great.

She had help this year as she has just had major surgery.

Thank you Mrs. Janet and all those who helped make it such a great time of fellowship.

We had Shrimp, stuffed mushrooms and cheese sticks as apertizer's.

The main course was baked chicken, baked potato and salad.

The ladies supplied the desert's and it was so good.

I am now going to share some photo's with you.

If I miss your picture I am so sorry but I hope I get everyone.

The ladies who are hugging are revealing who their Secret sister.

These are two of our deacons wives who is loved by all. They are Mrs. Anna Paris standing and Mrs. Debra Lovelace.

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