Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorations, Dr.'s visit & breakfast

Hello and where do I begin??

Sunday night Justin, Hannah and Harrison came home with us from church.

On Monday morning Justin and Hannah went out to the shed and brought in my Christmas tree and all the decorations.

Hannah bless her heart is always the one to get the lights plugged in correctly and then Mrs. Philbeck gave me some lights that I just loved that she has had for years. Justin put those on for me along with my other 400 lights. Thank you Mrs. Philbeck for remembering me and how much I loved those lights. They look great on the tree.

Then they started decorating and I left them to it. They did a beautiful job and I have plenty of pictures to share with you.

Harrison bought me a beautiful angel for the top of my tree last year as he felt the little one I had was so sad to look at and believe me it was. Anyway, Justin helped him up and he topped my tree with it.

Enjoy the photos. This is Justin, Hannah, Harrison & Dolly getting ready to start the decorations.

I was told that I could not tell whose feet these belonged to. So you have to ask Hannah yourself.

This is half way through the decorating.

This is Harrison putting my beautiful Angel on the top of the tree. He was so pleased when he was able to put it on for his Maw Maw.

Of course the tree was not the only thing that was decorated. :} :}

Like grandson like grandpa!!!!

Grandpa was not to be outdone by the kids doing all the decorating. He really got involved.

Now Dolly was letting them know where the empty places were.
She was making sure they did it right.

Now I hope you will enjoy all of these pictures as much as I enjoyed having the children here.

Thank you Justin, Hannah & Harrison for being such a wonderful help.

Today was my doctor visit with Dr. Hayes. This is Dr. Hayes. He is a wonderful Doctor. He has replaced both my knees and also my total hip replacement. He is a saved man and I was in much prayer when I was looking for the right Doctor to do my first knee. After I met Dr. Hayes I knew that God had sent him my way

Thank you Dr. Hayes for all you have done for me since 2005.

May God continue to bless you in your work for Him and also your work to help people like me.

My appointment went well and he was very pleased with my progress.

I still have to take it easy and not over do it but my time for release will be some time in Feb.

God has really done a miracle in my body. I have no more of the hip pain because they have removed all the arthritis .

Now after my Dr.'s visit was over Larry and I went to

We both had the weekly special which was 2 eggs, hash browns, 2 sausage links, 2 pancakes, grits, orange juice, coffee and diet coke for $4.99. It cost us $10.98 plus our tip. We rally enjoyed ourselves. As you can tell by this plate.

After breakfast we went to Wal-mart and did some grocery shopping then came home.

My P T just left and my last day with Physical Therapy will be next Tuesday.

I really want to thank everyone who has played a part in helping me with my recovery. God has put each of you in a place where people like me can face each day with a new look at the future.

There have been times when I have just wanted to quit but in ways that you are not even aware of you have helped me. This goes for my grand children as well as my daughter. Also those who have prayed for me. Thank each of you for those prayers. God has and is still answering these prayers.

I love each of you,



Lisa said...

Dear Janice
The kids did a great job on your tree, it is beautiful.I am so glad your knee is healing and that you will be back to your regulare routine soon. Big hugs to you.
Love. Lisa

Susan said...

I enjoyed your post and pictures.It is so good to see that you are feeling better.Take care and have a wonderful weekend.God Bless.