Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hello to all my friends,
This is Saturday and I am still at home doing fine.
Today has been a really good day for me because I have done nothing.
I mean nothing.
I have watched the Hallmark channal all day and it has been nothing but Christmas movies. They have really been good.
I am going to go to church tomorrow night with Larry. I cannot go to Sunday School and church as it is to long for me to sit in the pew. I am looking forward to Sunday night.
Larry went out a few minutes ago and got some diet cokes and he brought back some brownies and I just had one. Man was it good. Thank you for doing that for me.
I have learned a new way to get into my tall bed without to much pain.
It has been so much easier getting in and out of bed by using the sides of my walker. Since I have been doing this "as of yesterday" my leg it not hurting as bad and also I have started taking my pain medicine again.
I have missed my little grandchildren so much. I am really excited about seeing them again tomorrow.
I was going to let them come and put up my tree but I have decided not to put it up just let them get out some of my Christmas decoration this year and not mess with the tree.
We would have already had it put up but just not really in the mood now. It would only be up for a couple of weeks and then we would have to just take it down again and put every thing away. I guess if it were not for the surgery I would be busy as we speak.
Anyway, Christmas is more than a tree. It is the Birthday of my King.
I love Him and thank Him for so much that he has done for me. More than I deserve.
Please send me emails if you want to and send me comments as it does get king of lonely looking at 4 walls all day.
Love you guys.


Kristi said...

Mom, you know that although the children despise your tree, they would be happy putting it up for you.

Love you,

Lisa said...

I am so happy your able to be home.I know you miss those sweet grand-kids. I have one of those high beds myself so I can imagine how hard it must be for you and I'm glad you found an easier way to get in your bed.I hope you continue to do well.
Love & Hugs. Lisa

Susan said...

Glad all is well and you had good weekend.The brownies sound good.Take care and God Bless.