Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Sweet Missionary Family

This is the John O'Malley Family

We love them so very much.

Their son John has left and gone back to school in California and may get to come for a week or so in March.

He is one of our many adopted grandson's that we hold very dear in our hearts.

While John was home on Christmas break we were privaliged to be invited to his birthday party. He turned 20.

Each year they have a theme and this year it was on Disney.

I am going to share some of the photo's that we took while there.

This is John as he is entering their Kitchen and we all yelled SURPRISE! As you can see he is smiling from ear to ear. He had no idea that the theme was Disney.

Not only were we there, but his family from Florida was there on the internet and it was so much fun interacting with this precious family that we had not met before.

I believe this is his Uncle Mark. If I have the name wrong I am so sorry.

For the theme they would ask questions that had to do with Disney. When John would answer the question correct he would get to open a gift. There were a lot of questions asked and John got them all correct. He sure knows a lot about disney. Enjoy the photo's.

This is John's grandmother from Florida.This is his beautiful mother and boy can she sing. One of my favorites is Don't Give Up.

Of course a birthday party is not a party without the party clowns.
Of course you also just have the clown.
The clown was just hungry for the camera.

What a wonderful time we had while there.
Thank you Mrs. Kim, Brother John, grandmother and John 9th for such a wonderful time.

Love and Prayers,



dear mrs. birt, i enjoyed the pics of john's party... they are such a nice family... i hope you and pawpaw are doing great this week. chris and i r on a much needed getaway to the mountains... we are having a great time.. check my blog for pics and slideshows in the right sidebar of christmas and our bahamas trip... i love yall, dana

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your pictures.The O'malley's are a really nice family. I hope you and Bro Birt are doing great. Think of you both often.
Love you. Lisa