Friday, January 16, 2009

What a week

Good morning,
I hope this small blog finds everyone doing well.
It is very cold this morning and we are suppose to have about 5 degrees in the morning hours.
Larry had his dialysis this morning and he is very weak and kind of dizzy.
I fixed homemade biscuits, bacon, scrambled eggs for him and he had to have some gravy with his biscuits. It was a good breakfast and I have cut back a lot so this morning's breakfast has left me with an upset stomach. I did not eat that much either. I guess drinking about 24 oz. of water before breakfast did it to me.
Water is good and I have lost about 12 pounds drinking it.
I got 4 - 2 lt. drinks of diet coke for 4 dollars and have not opened any of them yet.
Well, I hope that all of you are going to have a great week-end and that I will see many of you at church Sunday.
Love you,


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,
Just need to tell you that you come across as a very happy positive woman...I've been reading your blog through you're daughter Kristi's blog and have never commented on either, but enjoy both very much. I feel with both of you that you live close to the really shows in your blogs....even in all the trials you have faced lately...keep up the good work with weight loss...I'm starting Monday.

Elizabeth (Ontario, Canada)

Lisa said...

I am so happy for you Dear Janice. I am trying to cut out the diet sodas from my diet to.I do hope to see some snow today. We had a few flurries Sunday. I hope you have a great day. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Love you. Lisa

Nanny said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
Your comment meant very much to me.
I am a very happy lady that does love the Lord.
He has been so good to me and my family.
We don't deserve His Great Love. If I did not have God in my life I would not be able to survive.
We have been through a lot and yet I can honestly say I would have it no other way.
It seems the more trials I have the closer I am go the Lord.
Those valleys and trials are what make you grow.
I am drinking a lot of water and truly it has made a difference.
My daughter Kristi has encouraged me to drink at least 64 oz. a day and more if possible.
She said if I could get at least 36 oz. by noon the rest is a breeze. She is correct in this as I find it harder to get the 64 ounces down if I don't drink that 36 by noon.
Also I am starting to feel guilty if I don't drink the water that I should in a day. :}
Have a wonderful day Elizabeth.

Nanny said...

Hey Lisa,
Well, I hope you got more snow than we did. If you did don't tell me. Haha
Really we did get some snow, not a lot but we did get some.
I was up to let Dolly out this morning at 7 and it was falling. Very beautiful but then when I looked out again at 9 nothing was happening. For 2 years now I have ask for at least 3 inches but it must not be in God's will and that is fine with me. It would be hard on Larry having to get up at 4:30 on Mon., Wed. & Friday for his dialysis.
Hope you and the girls are having a good week.
Love all of you,

Susan said...

wanted to stop by and say hello.hope all is well.good job on your weight loss.keep my mother in your prayers.she fell and broke broke her hip.she is still in the hospital.may god bless you and your family.