Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning / 03/02/2009

Good morning,

Boy did we have a snow last night.

I was not able to go to church yesterday but Larry went to both services. What normally takes us 30 minutes to get there took Larry 1 hour and 30 mimutes to get home. He said it was really bad coming home. He could not drive over 10 miles an hour.
God is Good all the Time!

Here's what it looked like when it was first coming down and this was before Larry got home.

I kind of helped him up the steps and into the house.

He was able to get something to eat and relax for about 20 minutes or so and then we lost power for the rest of the night. We have our gas logs and were able to keep the house warm with those.

Our son John had them fixed for us a few weeks ago and we are so thankful John for what you did for us.

When we got up this morning this is what we opened our front door to.

Now what you are about to see is what Larry went through this morning to get to dialysis in Kings Mountain. He was glad to hear the snow crunch as he was going down the steps. He said that was a good thing as he would be able to get some traction.

There you have it for now. I called to the center to make sure he made it and he did. He called back a little while after I called to let me know he made it. :} :}

They started him up about 8:30 and they will run him for 3 hours instead of 4. He was glad for that.

When he get's home I will try to have some more pictures.

Love all of you and really missed you at church yesterday.


Nanny Birt

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