Saturday, February 7, 2009


Good morning friends,

This is Saturday and we have finished cleaning the house and boy are we tired.

Now tell me this, how can 2 people and a dog live alone and by Saturday your house is a mess.

Dust every where even though we polished the furniture last Saturday and you could put your initials on the furniture by the next Saturday.

I must say that my dear sweet husband has been wonderful.

He moved the chairs from the kitchen table and ran the sweeper under the table where our area rug is, then he swept the kitchen floor and is just getting ready to mop the floor for me.

He cleaned all the appliances and the counter top. He ran the sweeper in the living room, hall way, computer room and both bedrooms.

You say what did she do. I cleaned both bathrooms, dusted the furniture, changed sheets and made bed, fixed bacon, eggs, toast with orange juice and coffee. Tried to do most of the dished while I was cooking then Larry finished the rest.

I am awarding us the "MEDAL FOR HARD LABOR".

I have pinto's on and will fix some chicken wings, potatoes and cornbread.

a great week-end and I will see most of you tomorrow.
Then my honey will leave and preach at the nursing home tonight.

Well girls I guess you will need many years to train your sweeties to do what my love does for me.

Even though he is retired he really works hard on Saturday's.

He calls himself my "MAID". :} :} I LOVE IT!!!!!!


Love you,



mrs.b, pawpaw sure does work hubby already does this for me, and we have only been married 6,lol....
he is a great cook also..
i hope u are doing great...have a blessed day and i luv you..

Susan said...

thank you for writing.hope all is mom did have surgery for a broken hip and was in the hospital for three weeks.she had to have rehap for her hip.she is now at home doing well.she is taking in home rehap for two weeks and will see the doctor again also in two weeks and he will let her know how much longer she will need rehap.thank you so much for your concern.keep her in your prayers.thank you for the nice comments.have a wonderful week and may god bless you.

Lisa said...

Dear Janice
I'm happy to hear your sweet husband helps you around the house. My husband helped me when the kids were smaller now they are older and Holly loves to clean. I am Blessed!
I hope you and your sweetheart have a lovely Valentine's day together. Love you Lots.