Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday afternoon 4-9-10

Hello Friends,
Hope this finds all of you doing well.
I am sitting here watching one of my favorite movies - Shylark- It is a Hallmark Classic and I love it.
I have all three and I never get tired of watching them. The same with Ann of Green Gables.
Harrison has stayed with us this week end while Bruce and Kristi are on a trip with the Young People of our church. They are in Tennessee until sometime late tonight. They left Thursday morning and I know they were blessed being at a Youth Rally for a couple of days. I am excited to hear what God has done for them when they all get back.
Well, my Harrison will be 10 years old tomorrow. We are going to get up early and get ready for SS and church and take him to McDonald's on the way for a Pancake Breakfast. He loves their pancakes.
We are having Taco's for dinner tonight and we all love them.
Today has been a very good day for all of us. I got the kitchen mopped and cleaned along with the living room, computer room and bathroom. Larry was able to get the grass cut and that was a lot of work for him since he has been ill. The front porch I got cleaned off and that was a big job in itself. I need to iron Harrison's clothes for tomorrow and then it will all be done for the day.
After we eat we are going to take our showers and get ready for bed then probably watch a good movie. Justin's first graduation is May 11th. from Cleveland Community College with a 2 year degree in Auto Repair. Then his High School Graduation is May 13th. from home school. We are so proud of him.
Tuesday Kristi will be having a wonderful birthday dinner for Harrison and he has given her his list for the meal.
Pork Chops, Mac. & cheese, green beans, corn, rolls and of course his cake and ice cream.
She does this with all the children. They tell her what they would like to eat and that is what she fixes for them and has the grand parents over. It is always a very enjoyable time for all of us.
Well this is it for today.
I pray that all of you are doing well and that you will have a great day tomorrow in the Lord. He is so faithful to us and we should be faithful to Him.

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Humble wife said...

Hi Nanny

It sounds like you are a blessed woman! I came over because I had a Mawmaw that died in 1986 and your blog name brought me back.

Love that you have been married 46 years! I am almost to my 22 anniversary and love love love life and the Lord.

May you return to blogging and find that someone from New Mexico has visited and been glad for the stop!