Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Loving Parent's

It is strange how 7 people can be raised in the same house by the same parent's and end up remembering different things being done in the home by correcting their children.
I remember my mother of 2 sets of twins and 3 singles always having a beautiful clean house and cooking such wonderful meals for her children and making sure that her girls always were clean and acted like ladies. She also made sure the boys were clean and dressed like boys should be dressed.
As for the correction of her children she had to do what needed to be done when she could because she had this responsibility by herself.
She took us to church=by herself. NO help from her husband who was either working in the coal mines, working in the garden or would be gone drinking the entire week end.
If we looked at this really good and would think clearly on it for awhile we would see that she was the one being abused not her children. that she did indeed LOVE with all of her heart.
When I was at home until Larry and I got married I don't ever remember my mother whipping me with a coat hanger or even a belt. A few times I had to go and cut a switch and she would correct me with that. I look back and really there were times when I should have been corrected more than I was.
Now I don't know what took place after I left home but I never saw any on my brothers and sisters with bruises on their bodies and if they did have them they probably needed more than what they got. I say that in love. I know some of the things that went on after I left because my mother would call me crying not knowing what to do. I could not help her as I was not living for the Lord and I was far away.
I do know that if they corrected the way God's word tells us we should correct we may not have those who got out into the world and have had so many heart breaking problems in their lives today.
Try and remember the wonderful things while growing up at home with 2 parents who loved as no other loved us at that time.
Remember how mom would go and buy dresses for Easter for her girls and wear the one she always wore every Sunday. Remember the wonderful meals that were ALWAYS cooked for us and never did we have to worry about what we were going to eat or never have to go to bed hungy. Remember the times we played hide and seek in the house at night and the times she would read the Bible to us and get on her knees with her children and pray.
I thank God for our home as a child and for the parents that God gave to us. If it were not good enough for you then you need to be in a home and see for yourself what some children are going through today. Stop living in a place where you cannot take responsiblity for yourself and blaming your parents for the life you are living now.
God help us to remember the good things that our parents left us.
This is for all those children who lived with loving parents and do not see it as love today.
Be thankful for what God gave you and do something positive with it.

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