Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set, Go !

Now who do you think won this race?
I will never tell.

Today was a wonderful day at the park.

This is the second day of me starting my walking program and Kelly Ross said she would come with me to help encourage me and believe me she has.

Benjamine and Larual were also there. We had a wonderful time.
They were such a joy to have with us. I must say that the energy that children have today is wasted on the young. :}

Then we began our walk.

There was no sunshine today and a lot of wind but the fellowship was wonderful with the Ross family.

Thank you Kelly for being such an encouragement for me. It has helped a great deal.
Paw Paw Birt went with us and this is where we found him on the first time around.

He went for a nap and some lunch later. :} :}

These faces are just beautiful.

If there are any other famlies out there that want to go please let me know and you can encourage me also. I try to be there about 11:30 am.

Larry and the children had ham sandwiches, cheese sticks and chocolate chip cookies and Kelly and I had a wonderful salad with our cold water.

Then we finished with a nice piece of Cherry Cheese pie. Low Fat and it was GREAT!!!! Mrs. Kim O'Malley made it for us over the week-end and we were able to share it with Kelly today.

Thank you Mrs. Kim it was great.

I will post a few more pictures and then I will sign off.

Thank you to the Ross family for such a wonderful outing at the park and lunch.

Love all of you,

Maw Maw Birt


Kristi said...

Looks like great fun!! That first picture of y'all cracked me up. I have a feeling that cane came in handy tripping Kellie up on that start off. HEHE


Lisa said...

How sweet of Kelly and her sweet kids to help you and encourage you with your walking.Bro. Larry is such a comedian :) I know the cheese cake was yummy to. It is always nice to have such great friends. Keep up the good work.If I lived closer I would walk with you. I need some motivation myself. Love you. Lisa

Susan said...

Hope you are feeling better.You are in my prayers.Looks like you had a great day in the park.It is good to get out and enjoy this spring weather.May you and your family have a Blessed Easter.

Kellie R. said...

Been missing you and our walks! Hope you are feeling better!
Love you!!


Dear Janice, I am so glad to see you up and about. If you didn't win the race today, you will one day, of that I am sure.

It is so nice to have such good friends. I am so happy for you. Hope you continue to do well and keep walking, I sure wish that I could but my hip will not allow me to do so. Have a great day. connie