Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello, It me

Hello Friends,
It has been so long since I have posted that I just don't know where to begin.
Everything is going fine here on the home front and both Larry and myself are doing just fine.
Larry has had a heart cauterization and he will not have to have surgery.
His heart has developed some more problems but due to the diabetes he will be put on medication for that and hopefully it will do the job.
I am still the same. Nothing seems to get me down anymore. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.
I am doing laundry today and it is just about done. It seems to be better for me if I do our clothes on Saturday.
One of our friends at church had a get together at their home and it was a great time of fun, fellowship and laughter. Yes a lot of laughs.
Thank you so much Mrs. Janet and Brother Greg. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I stopped to get gas on the way and when I came out of the gas station I fell. Yep, flat on my left
side. I was calling for Justin to come and help me and between him and another fellow there, they got me up without a problem. The problem was my right thumb and right knee.
When I got back into the car we went on to the Poston's and of course Greg being so smart when it comes to those with bad sprains and broken bones he was kind enough to suggest I go and get x-rays on my knee. Of course being me I rejected.
Hey, I came for fun, dinner, games and laughs and that is what I needed after the fall.
My thumb is much better and my knee is not swollen today. The swelling in my thumb in down but I still cannot pick up any thing with that hand. I will be fine. It could have been worse.
Larry is watching a James Stewart movie and I am still doing laundry and of course I am baking cookies.
Chocolate chips for the little ones tomorrow at church. I teach the 5 year olds and thought they would enjoy them after our lesson.
Our Pastor and his wife should be back from their vacation tomorrow. We sure missed them while they were gone.
Well, I am closing for now and I promise to try and be more faithful with my blogging.
Love you,
Maw Maw Birt


Susan said...

Hope all is well.Wanted to say hello.Take care and God Bless,