Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello My Dear Friends,
I first want to ask your forgiveness for being off my blog for such a long time.
I really have no excuse for not blogging except being busy and not taking the time to let my friends know how our family is doing.
I have for the past weeks been reading my sister's blog and I have found myself waiting for the next day so that I can find out what she is saying in her blog for that day.
She has really spoke to my heart through God's word about something that I have struggled with all my life. Can you guess what it is? You are correct. FOOD!
I won't go into details but I will give you her blog name and you would really enjoy reading what God has laid on her heart.
It is called "Telling myself the truth". If you get a chance to go there, read Jan. 10Th.'s blog. The verses there have really caused me to stop and think about myself and what I am doing to destroy this Temple that does not belong to me but belongs to God.
You are my friends and I am asking you to please pray for me in this area. My eating is out of hand and I MUST do something about this SIN in my life.
Now to let you know about Larry. If you have kept up with Kristi's blog which I know you have, then you know that Larry has been in the hospital since my last blog. This has been at least 3 months ago. Anyway, Larry is doing OK.
He is getting weaker each week after his treatments. I have noticed that he stumbles a lot and his balance is off.
They called me today from the Dialysis Center that he was not doing well and very weak and could not drive. I left and picked him up and got him home and put him to bed. He slept until after 4 P.M..
He did not eat very good tonight. Not even half of what he normally eats. I took him over to the clinic and he picked up his truck and drove it home. I stayed with him to make sure he got home safely.
Continue to pray for him and his needs.
He is back on the Transplant list and has a few more test that need to be done. After all the test are done then we just wait until they call us.
Our children and grandchildren are doing well.
We are not sure about Taylor as we never hear from her or her mother. I ask that you please pray for them.
My Michael is so tall that I have to look up to him. He does like that. :} :} He is now 15 and a Junior in High School. He is a very smart young man.
Justin is a senior this year and has many plans for himself when he get's out of school. He will still be in school, hopefully at the Fireman's Academy. He has really prayed about what God would have him do with his life and he truly believes it is to be a fireman. WE are very proud of him and the way he is letting God lead him.
Hannah is a ninth grader. She is such a beautiful young lady and she too loves the Lord and serves him in every way that she can in our church. I know God has a wonderful journey waiting for her when she graduates.
Harrison is the youngest of the grand kids but none the less you know when he is around. He is a little Georgie Porgy if ever there was one. He has all the little girls wanting to marry him. He is going to be the ladies man that boy is.
Well that is all for now. I am not going to promise that I will blog everyday but I will try to blog at least 2 maybe 3 times a week.
Take care and I love all of you.

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