Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello Friends,

Well everyone tells me that they love it when Friday rolls around. I do too. The only thing is it goes by so fast that before you know it Monday is here and we start all over again.

Friday started out good for me today. I got up and did not have the coughing spell like I normally do. That is a GOOD sign.

Larry came home from dialysis and I fixed him scrambled eggs with ham and toast. I was not hungry so I did not eat.

He went to bed about 12:45 and got up a little after 5.

John and Michael came over about 5 to clip Dolly's toe nails and he brought me the entire 7 season's of Smallville. I am going to try and watch them through the day when I am not doing something else. I know it will take a long time to get through them all.

John and Michael let me fix them some dinner and I fixed a plate for John to take to Jenny. She is working on 2 cases and he took it to work so she would have something to eat.

John and Michael left here full as a tick. It was just left overs but the way they carried on you would have thought that Emeral had cooked them a meal.

Of course it was not Emeral but it was cooked in Emeral's cook ware. If you don't have a set it is well worth the money.

My sister Joyce called me this afternoon. She just got home from Texas. If I have not told you she works for the Joint Commission and travels all over the states auditing the hospitals.

She does love her job and is very good at it. She has her Master's in Nursing and thinking about getting some more education in this area. She would have made a wonderful doctor.

Well here it is Friday and I have had no sweets all week. That is a record for me. I have also cut back on my portions and hope to do more of that next week. I want to start walking when it get's warm out.

Continue to pray for me please. It is not an easy thing to do when you have not disciplined your self to eating only what you really need to survive.

Larry wanted to drive to Wendy's and get a Frosty and I told him that I did not need a Frosty. He said I am sorry honey I forgot. Being a diabetic he doesn't need one either.

My Dolly is such a sweet dog and we love her very much in this home. She is our child that will never leave home. Ha Ha

John came over today and she just about had a fit. She loves John.

John saved 5 little puppies that were not even 8 weeks old. This lady was getting ready to kill them. John took all the dogs and they were eat up with ticks and fles. He took the dogs to the vet and because of what John did to save the dogs he only charged 10.00 for their shots. John brought 2 of them over to let us look at them and we fell in love with both of them but one took our hearts immediately. She was so shy and quiet. Just clung to us when we were holding her. She has been with us ever since.

She is still a very shy and scared dog. She is scared of all men except our grand children, Larry & John. Of course no one else knows that and when they hear her bark it frightens them. Good watch dog.

Well, I must sing off for now and get ready for bed.

God is good all the time. Please remember that. He is faithful in all things.

My goal for 2009 was to read the Bible through for the year. With God's help I was able to do that.

This year I want to learn a new Bible verse each week.

If you want to know which verses that I have learned so far, read Psalms 1: 2, 3 & 4.

Love all of you,

Let me introduce you to our Baby Dolly. this was taken a year ago and she in now about 75 pounds of love. My sister Joyce told me her time was off on her computer. After I finished my blog I looked at the time and my time is off also. Can anyone help?

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