Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our son John attached a camera to our tree in the back yard and look what we have visiting us in the evening and early in the mornings. She is beautiful that is for sure.

Larry and I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a family of 3 were enjoying our back yard. Mamma, Poppa and baby deer.

We told John about it and he came over with his camera and bucket of corn that he uses when he goes deer hunting and hung on our tree out back.

It has really been nice opening up the disk and finding out that we not only have deer but also have many and I mean many squirrels that like to feed on the corn also.

I talked with my sister Joyce this afternoon and she is staying in Atlanta due to the bad weather. All flights to Ashville have been canceled so she will be staying there and flying out to California Monday morning where she will be working for a few days.

I am so glad that I can reach her when she is away. I like to know that she is OK wherever she is. She travels so much and I know that God is the one who protects her.

Well, it is that time to stop for now.

We can do nothing but be lazy for a few days until this snow and ice go away.

I have had a bowl of wonderful home made vegetable soup and just wanting to go and take a nap. I really don't need one but since I have nothing else to do I think I will.

Please have a good day and I love all of you.

OK, I tried to get you some of the shots of the squirrels but they are not really showing up good on my blog. Sorry!

Love ,

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Kristi said...

I saw the little squirrel in the first squirrel picture. But for some reason I can't get the picture to enlarge. :( I like the deer one though. That one enlarged for me. It looks like it's prancing. :)