Monday, February 1, 2010

Let It Snow, Let IT Snow, Let It Snow.
It did my friend and it was so beautiful. It still is!

We have been in since Friday night with home made vegetable soup and all the fixins. :} :}

Our son John came over about 5:15 this morning and took his dad for dialysis's in Kings Mountain. He came back and stayed here until he was ready to come home.

I am so thankful for John's willing heart. He is always ready to help us when we need him. I know he could have stayed home in bed under warm blankets but he got up and came with a smile on his face.

When he got his dad home I had biscuits, bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, orange juice, milk and coffee with home made jams from our friends that shared with us at Christmas. It was wonderful.

After all that, our son went out side and took the snow shovel and scrapped off the steps as good as he could and tried to get our sidewalk but it was totally frozen and would not come up. He then left for home.

Thank you John for all that you did for us today. We love you son and pray that God will always keep you safe in His loving arms.

I pray that you and Jenny enjoy the home made soup tonight.

It has been very quiet here today. Larry went to bed after John left and it has been so peaceful.

Larry did not want REAL supper tonight he wanted French Toast. I cannot handle that even in the mornings. Anyway that is what he had for dinner. Not good for him but that is what he wanted and normally Larry eats what he wants. Sometimes good sometimes bad. This one was bad for him. He does not do that very often which I am glad.

Dolly on the other hand will eat anything and everything she can get her little paws into. She is very demanding at times. She will take her paw and pat me on the leg over and over again just to let me know she is there or when she wants to go outside or just when she wants her back rubbed. She does know how to talk to us.

I few weeks back I decided to bake some yeast bread. The house smelled so good that my husband could not hardly wait until it was ready. So here is the out come of that wonderful day.

Now I really enjoyed doing this for my hubby and I plan on doing this tomorrow. I will take a picture when they are done and post it later on this week.

We have missed our church very much since we have been snowed in. It will be good to get back into the house of the Lord to worship with our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Larry just brought me Graham Crackers with peanut butter, marshmallow cream and hot chocolate. I really did not need it but it was so good. I did enjoy it so much.

I am closing for now. Please have a good evening and I love all of you very much.


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