Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello Friends,

How have you been today?

This has been a good day for me.

I have had my Pumpkin home today and this is one of his good days.

He made me coffee this morning and brought it to me. Boy was it good.

We are fixing dinner together. I took a turkey breast out of the freezer that I baked about 3 weeks ago, cleaned and rubbed down sweet potatoes, baking a couple of bisquits and having a salad. Now that just sounds down right yummie.

We are suppose to have between 2 to 4 inches of snow and sleet beginning Friday night. Time will tell. Taking no chances. I am getting up early in the morning and going to the store. I am getting things for a pot of home made vegetable soup and some other things called comfort food. :} :}

I think I will bake an apple pie or pumpkin pie. I really enjoy pumpkin pie but Larry is an apple pie guy. I guess I will please him.

My Dolly is so sweet. It is like she love's Mommy and knows how to wrap me around around her heart to where she gets anything she wants. Ha ha, she does any way.

Now is that not the most beautiful face ever. Try saying no to those beautiful eyes. What a blessing she has been to me and Larry.

You should be here to smell our home. It is what you would smell if you were going to Maw Maw's house to eat supper.

Well I need to go and get to fixing the rest of dinner. Wish you were here to enjoy it with us.

Love all of you and have a wonderful evening with your family. Don't take them for granted. You may not have them tomorrow!!!

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