Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello Friends,

Hope all of you are doing fine today.

I want to tell you about my last couple of months.

I got sick the first part of Oct. with a cold. Or at least that is what I thought it was.

I went to W.Va. with the ladies from our Church and had a wonderful time but was sick while I was there. By the time we got home I was worse but instead of going to see the Dr. I tried to cure myself with my home made medicine. After about a week or so I went to the Dr. as it just got worse. I kind of knew then that it was not just a cold. This was in November. Well it was so bad that when the Dr. opened the door and was reading my chart she went out and came back in with a mask on. I knew then I was in trouble. Not really she was pregnant and was just protecting herself and the baby.

I was put on 4 different kinds of medicines and sent home to go to bed and not get up unless I had to. Well again in Nov. I went back to the Dr. and they put me on more medicines this time. Told me the same thing to go home and go to bed. I did what they said. All this time I am in so much pain in my rib cage on the left side. Every time I took a breath it felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife. I went back to the Dr. about a week later and he gave me a shot in the rib cage. I had coughed so hard that I tore some cartilage loose from my ribs and every time I coughed it just got worse. The shot helped but he also gave me some steroids to take along with more cough medicine with codine to help me sleep. It did not.

I have been back since and I have been put on another round of med.'s. It has helped a great deal. I was able to go back to Sunday School and church service Sunday morning. It was great to be back into the house of the Lord.

Last night for the first time since Oct. I went to bed about 8 or 8:30 and did not wake up until a little after 7 this morning. Went to the bathroom and got back in bed and Larry came in at 10:10 AM and woke me up. What a wonderful nights rest.

I fixed breakfast and lunch and did the dishes. Larry is taking a nap at this time and I decided I would blog.

I pray that you stay well and if you do get sick I pray that it will not last long.

Love all of you,


Anonymous said...

I Love what you did with the blog :) So glad you are feeling better! Please be careful if you decide to get out this weekend, I'm not sure the weather will be good for you.

Love ya


Anonymous said...

Brother Ted,
Not going out until I have to. Hopefully it will not be until Sunday.
Thanks for praying for us.

Lisa said...

I am so glad you are better and I do hope you do not get sick again. I love you and I enjoyed reading your post. I thank God for your friendship and love. You and your dear family mean so much to The Peelers.
Love and prayers