Monday, March 1, 2010

Well I just got off the phone with Larry's doctor and they have decided to put him in the hospital Thursday morning between 9 and 10. They will watch him during the day and plan on doing a couple of hours of dialysis's Thursday evening then early Friday morning they will do the surgery.
There are some things that they are concerned about and have decided to do it another way.
Please pray for him as you have been.
I know God is in control and he will be with him all the way.
Will keep you updated.
Love and Prayers,


Lisa said...

Dear Janice
I will be much in prayer for Bro. Larry and you on Friday.I know God is in control.
Love you both

Lisa said...

We are praying for Larry and for you and the family has well. I know the Lord will provide and meet each need.
Much love to you all
Lisa & Family